6x4 White Steel Stick

Art Number

Tent Name


Size4 x 6 Yard Steel Stick
Dimension(W   x   L   x    H )
 4 Y x 6 Y x 3.00 Y
Center Height3.00 Yard
Wall1.85 Yards
Outer FoldCanvas water Replant  550 G/M2 (19/ 20 Ozs ) Color Natural White Wall White and Black Strip 
Middle FoldNill
Inner FoldInner Fold Made of Colored Sheeting of 150 G/M2 (5/6 Ozs Per m2)
Doors2 Nos.
Windows2 Nos.
Structure14 Wall Sticks Iron Steel One Center Pole 47 MM  Iron Steel 
Mud FlapPE material 30 cm all sides of tent  protect from water and put mud on it for protect from air and insects
PackingAll Accessories Pegs, Rope, Poles  First warp in polyethylene then polypropylene bag complete in one
Packing Size(L         x    W     x    H)
 195 cm x 40 cm  x  40 cm
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